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Volkswagen Car Range Review

If there is one word that defines the famous Volkswagen range, it is 'practical'. Renowned for the efficiency and reliability of its vehicles, Volkswagen has become a universal brand that appeals to a host of demographics.

The the challenge facing Volkswagen in recent times has been how to reinvent its designs in order to create more aesthetically pleasing cars.

The brand have managed this transition well, as you can see when you view the latest VW's here. We have also listed three of the most popular Volkswagen cars below for your reference:

1.The VW Tiguan

The VW Tiguan

As we have already said, the Volkswagen range is not one for thrill-seekers or adventurous drivers. This definitely applies to the second-generation Tiguan, which makes up for its lack of excitement with an extremely well-rounded spec and superb reliability.

Secure and functional rather than stylish and high-powered, it ticks a number of fundamental boxes for drivers while also eradicating many of the design flaws that hindered previous VW models. It is crammed full of modern technology and effective innovations, for example, which have helped to improve the driving experience and boost fuel-efficiency.

2.VW Beetle

VW Beetle

Back in 1998, Volkswagen took the belated step of launching a pseudo-retro Beetle for the mass market. After several tweaks, VW sold more than one million units before discontinued in 2010, encouraging the brand to bring out a new and improved version for drivers to enjoy.

From a design standpoint the new Beetle certainly impresses, retaining an iconic design while reinvigorating the interior with the latest technology. In terms of engine choice, the 1.4-litre option is the most popular among motorists, as it combines both a turbo and a supercharger to deliver 148 bhp.

This option allows drivers to purchase a compact, functional and fuel-efficient model that also boasts impressive power, which is what the modern VW brand is all about.

3.The VW Scirocco

VW Scirocco

This model is a staple of the contemporary VW range, and a car that offers a strong combination of style, space and ability. Launched in 2008, it's design was based on the classic Golf and intended to offer the same quality of drive as the iconic GTI.

To embellish this proposition, VW also created a model that boasted a higher level of productivity than most coupes, while using dramatic styling to inspire a unique combination that continues to sell impressively to this day.