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MINI Car Range Review

When the new MINI launched in 2001, it was made available in a single body style and shared many design traits with the 1950s original.

The contemporary range has evolved to include seven different shapes and design styles, with the standard three-door models complimented by the more practical, five-door alternatives.

While you can check out Quarry Garage's latest MINI's here, we have also highlighted three of the best MINI models below for your review:

1.The MINI One


Now in its third generation, the iconic MINI has been rebranded as the eye-catching MINI One. The familiar, retro-theme design remains unchanged, of course, but the brand have been quick to introduce fun driving dynamics and seemingly endless personalisation options.

The MINI One is a fuel-efficient and powerful model that punches far above its small and compact design. The 1.2-litre engine is also complimented by six-speed manual design, and a front-wheel drive feature that aids a smooth driving experience.

2.The MINI Cooper

MINI Cooper

This versatile newcomer is just as stylish and fun as the original, but the MINI Cooper has the added bonus of featuring two additional doors and a relatively spacious 278-litre boot.

As with the three-door model, the MINI Cooper boasts impressive performance, with a 1.5-litre engine capacity and front-wheel drive. It's top speed of 126mph is also impressive for a five-door model, as it the fuel economy rating of 60.1 mpg.

3.The MINI Countryman

MINI Countryman

While the MINI One and the Cooper have fast become the kings of the urban jungle, the Countryman has helped to diversify the brand and create an option for driving along the nation's rural, country roads.

With a design that manages to be chunky and stylish in equal measure, the car's all-round performance and four-wheel drive system also contribute to a model that can handle almost any terrain. The electronically controlled set-up automatically sends power to the axle, making you feel as though you are sitting behind the wheel of a Range Rover.

Its versatile nature and 1.6-litre engine make this a sound investment if you need a vehicle that can be driven safely in all conditions.